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Our customer satisfaction is our most valued reward. Professional gastronomy awards underline high quality. Take a look at ours.

101 Best Restaurants in Europe

‘Liviano Restaurant is rated amongst the 101 best restaurant in Europe’, says The Daily Meal. The world-known portal The Daily Meal has finished its annual evaluation of the 101 best American re...

Gurman Award 2010

Liviano was at the Gourmand Award Ceremony and the professional committee of the Gourmand have awarded Liviano with their special award – one Gourmand fork!

Gourmand Fest Bratislava

Liviano has become the third best assessed restaurant in the 3rd annual Bratislava Gourmant Fest! Thanks to all who came to visit us and thanks to whom we have ended up on the 1st place.

TREND TOP Restaurants 2018

Liviano was amongst the best in the assessment organized by the project TREND TOP restaurants and hotels 2018 out of 220 restaurants and hotels who participated in this contest in Slovakia. Restaur...
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