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Here you can look under the pot lid of our chef Martin Miklošík, who is an exceptionally talented student of Pavel Pospíšil who is a Michelin star chef. Visit our restaurant Liviano and you will be convinced that not a hunger, but our chef Martin is the best cook.

An interview with the chef Martin Miklošík

11chefMARTINMartin comes from Sereď and he studied at the Hospitality Academy in Banská Štiavnica. He later moved to Bratislava for work purposes, to the restaurant Liviano, which was mainly oriented at the Italian cuisine. With the arrival of Pavel Pospíšil to Liviano, Martin started to invest more time into gastronomy, his studies and travels. Martin also likes to follow the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and he even studied at his gastronomy school. Martin has been a valuable contribution to Liviano’s brand which always resonates with good memories amongst gourmands.
You have been in Liviano for 7 years now. How has this restaurant evolved across these years?
I think that the cuisine has evolved significantly across the time. I see a progress in the taste of our meals, but also in their appearance. I enjoy reading chef books, as well as cooking TV programmes such as Mind of a Chef or Gordon Ramsey. People in gastronomy can never say ‘I know it all’. It’s necessary to follow new trends.
How would you characterize Liviano’s cuisine?
I do not even think that it is necessary to put emphasis on how freshly-made Liviano’s meals are. It is obvious to me that a good restaurant should guarantee meals from good-quality ingredients. We also try to cook from local ingredients, which is not always easy. I would characterize our cuisine as Central European. We always try to implement some traditional Slovak recipes but prepared in more modern and lighter way with a bit of our ‘Liviano signature’. We also have meals which have been permanently in our menu thanks to the choice of our regular quests. One of these meals is a tuna with garlic-soya sauce. This is one of the meals that always bring our guests back.
Are there any seasonal meals on offer?
Our menu is all about the seasons and good quality local ingredients. This is the base of a good kitchen. However we always make sure to keep our guests’ favourite meals such as beef stock, or the previously mentioned tuna. All the other meals are seasonal. For example this autumn will be the duck season, supplied from the local farm near Šala, beetroot, pumpkin and all kinds of legumes. From the meat selection it will be boar meat, hen and pigeon. These fresh ingredients are contained in the entire menu – appetiser, soup, main course and a dessert. We are currently preparing for the duck feast and we are sure that everyone will find the ideal choice.
Our menu is written simply and informationally so that everyone can understand what they will be served on the plate.
Who inspires you the most?
It used to be Gordon Ramsey, but that was in times when I haven’t known of any other great gastronomists. What I like about Gordon is that he had achieved everything himself thanks to a very hard work. My family was always aware of my interest in gastronomy and therefore they gave me a voucher for a Masterclass in his Restaurant Gordon Ramsey for my 30th birthday. This restaurant is awarded with 3 Michelin stars where we were, together with the chef, preparing their traditional meals. I knew their recipes from Youtube and from various TV channels, so cooking there was a great experience for me. It has strongly inspired my next culinary creations in Liviano.
How are you choosing people into your team?
Since I am in Liviano, there haven’t been any big team changes. Maybe around 4, which I am grateful for. Big fluctuation in companies isn’t good neither for the staff, nor the management and guests. We have a stable team and some colleagues have come here based on very good recommendations. It is important to know people who you work with. If you have a good team, you win.
The projection of the meal preparation in the kitchen is a big part of Liviano’s interior. How do you find working under the supervision of your guests?
It’s totally fine. I am so used to it that I have already forgotten we have a camera there. I remember it used to feel strange, as I have never seen this anywhere before. Restaurants tend to have open kitchens, but this projector viewing is unique. Naturally, we need to be mindful of some things such as showing that we always wash the cutlery after we use it for tasting. I am sure our guests wouldn’t like the opposite.
What type of cuisine do you like?
I currently like Scandinavian cuisine. Northerners have already proven that they are advanced not only in technologies, but in gastronomy as well. I spent the whole last September in a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Oslo, Maaemo. It has been very inspirational once again.  
The restaurant was exceptional thanks to its tasting menu (around 25 small courses) which take the guests for a culinary trip across the whole Norway. All the ingredients come from Norway and the meals were prepared to their maximum perfection.
It was a stunning experience which I am grateful for and I am already excited about my future culinary adventures. I believe that a good chef should keep learning, traveling and tasting to broaden his or her experience and abilities to satisfy the gastronomy needs of all kinds of customers.

What are the current trends in gastronomy? What is trending these days?
People are returning back to the search for natural herbs and plants and this is something which they like to project into their cooking. Local fresh ingredients are trending nowadays. For example in Norway, people gather all kinds of plants and they store if for the long snowy winter. They ferment the products and take use of them in winter. This is becoming trendier even in our country. It is natural and healthy as it doesn’t travel thousands of miles. Local ingredients are the most natural to our bodies.
Why should a good gourmet be interested in visiting Liviano?
Our restaurant has a long tradition in Bratislava and people are fond of our gastronomy services. We are very glad when they are returning here for high-quality selection of meals and our friendly environment. We are happy to welcome them at their lunch meetings, family gatherings or coffee and drink catch-ups. In the near future, we would like to introduce a new experience to our customers, which would be a live preparation of their meals, directly in front of them. I won’t tell you more, but we invite you to come and try yourself.
I will no longer miss any new meal...
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